Jamie Waese

I am a user experience designer and product manager with a passion for data visualization.


I work for IBM as a UX Architect for the financial planning, dashboard authoring and reporting tool, IBM Planning Analytics. Previously, I worked for TD Bank where I led the data visualization efforts for an advanced analytics team. I have a PhD in data visualization and user experience design from the University of Toronto where I designed, built and wrote about data visualization tools for plant biologists. I occasionally teach data visualization courses at University of Toronto and OCAD-University, give talks at conferences and contribute to academic papers.


In what now feels like a prior life, I used to work in the entertainment industry. I wrote, directed, produced and was executive in charge of production for several hundred hours of children's television. My work was shown on Disney Channel, CBC, ABC, CBS, Cartoon Network and others. My most successful project was The Doodlebops, which people either loved or hated, but it was one of a kind. Here is my IMDB page. I have an MFA from the Peter Stark Motion Picture Producing Program at the University of Southern California. I also spent several years teaching digital media and design courses at Ryerson University's RTA program and School of Image Arts. 


There are similarities between making a television show that people want to watch and making a software platform that people want to use. Both involve communicating information with graphics. Both combine visual design with technology. And both involve creating an experience that people find delightful. 


My time in the entertainment industry was rewarding, but I wanted to do something more rigourous. Nobody has asked me to add a monkey to their project for several years now.