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Here some of the courses and workshops I have taught.

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Applied and Theoretical Topics in Data Visualization for Genome Biology (CSB 1020)
University of Toronto, Department of Cell & Systems Biology
Co-taught with Dr. Nicholas Provart.
Sessions: Fall 2018, Fall 2019
The past decade has seen a vast increase in the amount of data available to biologists, driven by the dramatic decrease in cost and concomitant rise in throughput of various next-generation sequencing technologies, such that a project unimaginable 10 years ago was recently proposed, the Earth BioGenomes Project, which aims to sequence the genomes of all eukaryotic species on the planet within the next 10 years. So while data are no longer limiting, accessing and interpreting those data has become a bottleneck. One important aspect of interpreting data is data visualization. This graduate course module provides a theoretical perspective on data visualization for biological applications, along with a hands-on component to provide practical training for students.

Information Visualization (DIGF 6009)
OCAD University - Digital Futures Graduate Program
Sessions: Summer 2019
Visualization can tell stories, reduce complexity, help decision-making as well as deceive, misguide and confuse. As we increasingly rely on visual communication of knowledge in engineering, science, education, medicine, humanities and social sciences it is becoming essential for designers to know the capacities, applications and techniques of this powerful cognitive tool. Through case studies, a hands-on project and critical reflection, students will develop an understanding of data and information visualization, the role of computation, the use of data sources and develop of skills in design for visual cognition.

Visual Studies III: Integrated Digital (MPC 225)
Ryerson University, School of Image Arts
Sessions: Winter 2015
This course is an advanced workshop in creativity and design thinking for a variety of digital media. The assignments provide opportunities to explore sophisticated approaches involving interactivity, non-linearity, and 3D design.

Digital Media Production (RTA 103)
Ryerson University, RTA Program
Sessions: Fall 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016
Through a combination of lecture and hands-on workshops, students will broaden their understanding of digital media, develop a critical understanding of the role of digital media in contemporary life, and become conscious consumers and creators of technology and digital media content. Students will be introduced to principles of visual design and communication, and will learn how to use digital media production software for graphic design, web-native production and time-based media. (Formerly BDC 192)

Motion Graphics (RTA 312)
Ryerson University, RTA Program
Sessions: Fall 2014
This course offers intermediate-level skills in digital content production with a focus on motion graphics, animation, and the web. The course includes group-critiques, in-class workshops, production exercises and tutorials, and requires students to have a basic familiarity with computers and digital tools.

Advanced Digital Media Production (RTA 982)
Ryerson University, RTA Program
Sessions: Winter 2014
This course is an advanced masterclass for students specializing in interactive digital media. Building on the basic and intermediate training in the first and second years of the program, this course explores the theory and practice of an Advanced Interactive Media Production. It includes in-depth case-studies, with a focus on the design, aesthetics, production and performance of interactive media productions. Students plan, design, create and launch large-scale digital-media productions as part of this course. (Formerly BDC 602)

Production: Intermediate Single Camera (RTA 314)
Ryerson University, RTA Program
Sessions: Fall 2014
This course advances the student's knowledge and applications of lighting, framing, composition, location constraints, sound, and the editing involved in single camera shooting. Students will review the camera/recorder and nonlinear edit suites, the planning techniques derived from scripts, lighting techniques and audio recording. Students will develop story, scripts and production planning paperwork for one short and one longer form production, which they will shoot and edit. New Media students must complete core competencies.

Producing the Project
Centennial College, Children's Media Program
Sessions: Fall 2012
The goal of this course is to provide an overview of the various elements that go into producing a children's television series -- from creating and/or optioning a project through the multiple steps of production, delivery and beyond. While entire courses can be devoted to any given element, it is the role of the producer to maintain a big picture view of the project while dealing with the various obstacles and challenges that stand in your way. With guest speakers, class discussion, student presentations and two assignments (one minor & one major), this course will introduce you to the various areas and specialties you will need to be familiar with in order to be a successful producer.

Workshops & Lectures

Twenty Things Everyone Should Know About Data Visualization
Sessions: TD Finance (November 2018)
Four hour workshop covering data visualization principles and best practices. This workshop includes a hands-on "redesign this chart" exercise based on material covered in the lecture.

Telling Stories With Data
Sessions: Smith School of Business - Master of Management Analytics Program (October 2018), TD Marketing (July 2018)
One and a half hour lecture discussing basic principles and best practices for creating effective visualizations and data stories.