Night Forest

Night Forest is an interactive art installation piece I created with Tom Kuo and Helen Yung from Foundation Creative Studio. We built twelve tree sculptures embedded with mechanical noise makers that reproduced the soundscape of a forest at night. They used sonar sensors to measure the proximity of visitors. The trees would become "shy" and change their behaviour as people got closer or further away.

It was created for The Whole Shebang 2015: Taken by Night (November 26-28, 2015 at 918 Bathurst), a multidisciplinary and integrated arts festival in Toronto by Dreamwalker Dance Company. The show invites audiences to experience the enchanted, mysterious hours of the night through light, sound, dance, theatre, media arts, shadow puppetry, storytelling and music. It brings together multi-generational, culturally and artistically diverse artists through live performances, collaborations and workshops.

The show was co-created by Andrea Nann and Helen Yung and featured the following artists and contributors: Marie-Josée Chartier, Sarah Chase, Gabriel Cropley, Aria Evans, Lauren Gilles, John Gzowski, Kate Holden, Melissa Joachim, Tom Kuo, Andy Maize, Peter Mettler, Clea Minaker, AJ Morra, Andrea Nann, Jenn E. Norton, Oh Susanna, Michael Ondaatje, Elysha Poirier, Joshua Van Tassel, Veronica Tennant, Jamie Waese, Brendan Wyatt, Helen Yung.

Category Side Projects

Date November 2015

Official show poster

Tree sculptures before attaching the electronics.

Sonar sensors measured proximity of visitors.

A Solenoid makes a sound just like a cricket when you apply a sin wave to it

In the dark you can see the pulsing fiber optic points of light.

A finished tree with fireflies pulsing, crickets chirping, owls hooting, wind blowing, birds calling, etc.