UX Architect, IBM Planning Analytics

I am responsible for all user experience aspects of IBM Planning Analytics, an enterprise financial planning and analysis application. I oversee designs for virtually every aspect of the platform, from the discover / try / buy journey all the way through to modelling and dashboard authoring for advanced users. I meet with customers to understand their needs and pain points, design new features and concept cars, and build prototypes to research and iterate on. I work closely with the development team to ensure pixel-perfect implementation of all screens. I also provide thought leadership, data visualization expertise and design support to other departments in the IBM ecosystem.

Category Corporate & UX Design

Date February 2019 to current

My largest project over the past year has been leading the redesign of the platform using IBM's Carbon Design System. The image on the left is the legacy home page. The image on the right is the new Carbonized version. I will post a link to a blog I wrote about the experience as soon as it's published.

This is a before/after image of the dashboard page with a new data tree, toolbar, workspace and page navigation. We are currently redesigning all the dashboard widgets (cube viewer, set editor, dimension editor, etc.). I'll share before/after images when they are released.

This one of the demos I built for the Trial site. I hid a number of stories in the sample data and invite users to find them. For instance, what happened to European sales in 2021, after the Suez canal was blocked for a week? And what happened to gaming PC's in 2020? The "Show me how" button launches a WalkMe tour.

Planning Analytics was recently acknowledged with a Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice Award.