Grade Plotter

A few years ago I was one of six instructors teaching eight sections of Digital Media Lab (BDC 192), a mandatory course for all students in the Ryerson RTA program. I wanted to know if my grades were in the same range as the other instructors so I wrote a data visualization tool that plots the grades students received for their Photoshop assignment across each section.

Mousing over any of the data points opens a popup window with the full image. This makes it easy to compare multiple submissions that received the same grade, and to contrast assignments that got an ‘A’ from one instructor with assignments that got a ‘B’ from another.

In the final diagram on the left, the pink and yellow sections appear to have similar grading patterns. The orange section appears to have greater variance, and the light blue section appears to have a lower range of grades than the other sections.

Note: For privacy reasons, the sample images in the demo site were downloaded from the internet using a Google search for “student Photoshop assignment” and the grading data is for illustrative purposes only.

The password is 'lemmein'. It takes some time to download all the images.

Category Data Visualization

Date January 2014

Each dot represents a different student assignment, plotted along the X-axis according to the grade they received.

Mousing over any of the dots opens the full image.

Males and females appear to have an even distribution across the grade spectrum.

Each row represents a different instructor. Note how different instructors have different grade distributions.